Thursday, October 30, 2008


Our webquest is all about Nurition and excersise. It teaches you ways to eat healthy and to have a balanced diet. It goes over some fast food restaurants and how to eat heathly there instead of eating the regular burger and fries. It has different links that will take you to different sites to explore all the fun ways of eating healthy. It doesn't cover a ton on what or how your workouts should be but it does go over the time period of how long you should be working out and how many times a week.
We created it on the power point and divided the topic among our group and we all had a page or two to create. we added links on it were you can click on it and it will take you to other websites. It was a little difficult to get it started but the more we created the easier it got. It is important to know how to create a webquest because it is such a helpful way to get the children to learn a certian topic while learning more about computers. it also introduces the to the internet in a safe way.
I would really like to use webquests in my class room because it is such a fun and different way of learning that children will love. It gets them more invovled in the lesson and it targets children with a variety of learning methods. This has taught me that there are so many ways that you can teach a lesson that can be fun. I never knew about webquest until this class and i really like them because it teaches children in so many ways. So computer things that i need to work on is how to creat and design different types of media. I want to learn everything that a computer can do to help me out as a teacher. I was to be better at and comfortable with computers and how to use all the different types.

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