Thursday, December 4, 2008

Technology Interview Reflection

Well my partner and I had trouble with the interview. We gave it to the computer lab teacher and let him fill it out on his own time because we didn't want to interrupt his class and he was only here part of the days that he worked. So we went in the next day to get it from him and he told us he didn't want to fill it out because it was a waste of his time. So we awkwardly took it and just left him a lone. The next day we went to the Principal and asked if he would fill it out because we were required to have it done for our class and he said that he would do it for us, and we were so relieved and grateful.
1) What did you learn from this interview?
I learned that there was a lot more technology that i didn't know schools had. I know some schools have more technology then others but i think that no matter what the technology is it is important to take advantage of it. Students are growing up in a life where technology is everywhere and it is important that we as teachers are showing and teaching the students about it as much as we can.
2) How will this experience affect you as a teacher?
This will help me as a teacher be aware of all the different types of technology i can use in my lesson plans. I would be able to create webquests and not have my students get bored because they will be able to discover topics and read at their own pace and let's be honest they love using computers. This will help me create more of a variety with my lesson plans so i don't lose the focus of my students.
3) How did this experience change your thinking about the use of technology?
It got me to think why are we not using more technology in classrooms. I know it can be hard to fund these but if at all possible i think it would make such a great impact in my lessons as a teacher. i feel that it would make my lesson a lot more memorable. It also introduces the students to technology and help them become computer smart which is nice jump start for the real world.

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