Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chapters 3&4 Fulfilling the Promise

Chapter 3
* "The way we "do school" often makes it easy to forget why teaching once seemed the best job in the world and makes it easy to lose sight of what we once hoped for." This is one of my biggest fears about teaching is that so many teachers start off being a good teacher and giving it their all and then as time goes on it feels like they don't care as much. (not all teachers are like this of course) But I want to learn more ways to make sure this never happens to me. I want to make each school year just as exciting as the next. Working with out loving your job is never the way to go. I feel like teachers should have a passion for what they are doing and love every minute of it.
*I am a strong believer in teachers living in what they believe. If you believe something then why wouldn't you live that way? I believe in succeeding as a teacher and giving it my all and I plan to live that way and do what ever I can to help each and every one of my students succeed.
*Looking at the positive things instead of the negative things about your class will help you (the teacher) see the potential of your students and strengthen them where they are weak.
*Teacher says to Students " I want to be a leader in creating a place where each of you becomes more keenly aware of the possibilities in yourself, the people around you, and the power of knowledge. In this place, I want us to find together a good way to live" Okay so this quote really stuck out to me. The reason that this has such a great impact on me is because I didn't learn this as a child, I learned it as an adult. I struggled with learning growing up and I only wish that I had a teacher who could have made me see my possibilities at a younger age. I hope with all of my heart that I can give this gift to my students. For a child to have self confidence in the learning it the strongest gift of all. Self confidence is so important. I want all my students to feel smart and contribute to the class.
*It is important to show your students that you care and that you are there to help them no matter what. Children need as many "cheerleaders" in life as possible.
*The "trouble basket" I like that idea of having the students put their troubles in the basket and leaving them there so that they can focus on school for that day. It also can help the teacher see the types of struggles that students are dealing with and how it might be affecting their learning.
*"We don't just keep them busy. We're giving them an opportunity." This chapter has so many good quotes. I am writing them down so that I can remember all of them. I never thought of it this way but it is so true. And it is important to remember this as a teacher so when you give them things to do that it is something that will really help them grow
*As a teacher it is good to make sure your students feel like you are investing in them succeeding and learning. By doing this you ( the teacher) show interest in their questions. And by engaging in "what they have ask the students to do."
*I like how it talks about "if the student fails the teacher fails" and I would have to agree. The whole purpose of teacher is making sure your students excel and grow. So once they fail you fail. You fail by not finding another way to help them, or by giving up.
Chapter 4
* The Classroom environment should be a contestant line of communication all year long. From " Teacher to student, student to teacher, and student to student." Communication is one of the keys to a happy classroom.
* CELEBRATE SUCCESS!!! When you in life accomplish something that took time and effort you want to share your happiness with everyone. Well the same goes with students of all ages. When you do this the student wants to continue to do well and succeed in life.
*"Morning Meets" is a one of the many great ways to help the students get to know one another. The students should build a strong trusting friendship with one another. They shouldn't feel like they are being judged when they are answering a question. They should feel supported and Morning meeting give them that opportunity to build that friendship or community.
*Using Dialogue Journals is an idea I really like. I am the kind of person that can express their true feelings through writing and so I think this is a great idea for the students who are like me. It also can get them excited about writing.
*Rules to a growing classroom
"1. We will show respect for people, their ideas, and their property
2.We will work hard to ensure our own growth and to assist the growth of others
3. We will persist, even when things are difficult and uncertain,
4. We will accept responsibilities for the quality of our work and for our behaviors and actions."
I think that this might even be a good idea to display rules like these in the classroom to be a reminder for you(the teacher) and for the students.
*Classroom Routines I feel the routines are nice to have but they also need to be flexible. You never know when a student is struggling on a topic and might need a little more time then the others. Some of the routines that help a class to grow are; use visual cues, pre-establish groups, Use goal cards regularly, and teach for smooth transitions.
*Shared responsibility in the classroom. There are many ways to do this, some are; Use evaluation checklists, involve students in scheduling decisions, engage students in assessing their own progress, and help students learn to set their own academic goals.
Being a teacher is not an easy job and I feel like a lot of them try to take it on all by themselves. When they can actually share some of the responsibilities. By doing this you aren't just giving the your dirty work you are making them more independent and self reliant. Which is a skill they need to learn in the "real world".
These two chapters have been really good to read because they give so much information. It was hard for me to cut it down and blog about it because there is just so much to learn about in these chapters. I can't wait to put my goals into teaching my own class one day. I am so excited!

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Teacherheart said...

I am so impressed with the thoroughness and personal connections you give to this reading! You will be the teacher you so want to be, because you aren't cutting corners... you're soul-searching about who you are and want to be as a teacher. That's going to make all the difference, for your future students! 4 points