Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fulfilling the Promise Pages 120-162

While looking through all of these examples I have chose a selest few that I really like and want to share. The first one that I wan't to talk about is;
Evaluation Checklist:
This one is about students rating themselves on a scale from one to five on how well they did in communicating and intereacting with their peers. By having the students do this it will help them realize and be more aware of their actions and where they need to improve. A lot of time students don't realize how much they are interacting or not and by doing this will help them to strive to participate more and will build a stronger class as a whole.
Interactive Notes:
This one is about the students keeping notes throughout their reading of informational or literary texts. They will take notes before, during, and after the reading. The notes will consist of questions that the students will ash themselves about the reading and help them to understand what the reading is all about. This is good because it helps students to be able to break down the reading and comprehend it better. A lot of times when students read informational or literary text they just rush through it without realizing what it is really about. So it is important to teach children at a young age how to break down reading so that they will learn to love it more.
Learning Contracts:
This is a way for students to learn on a level that is best for them and relate to their over all learning goals. There are many ways to do learning contracts, but they mostly contist of, "Clarification of learning goals for a unit or topic of study; assessment of learner proficiency with those goals to deterime learning needs; A "package" of tasks, activities, meeting times with the teacher, and other components likely to help the student continue to develop essential knowledge, understanding, and skills; Directions for how the student is expected to work during the contract time, a timeline for completing work, instruction on how to get to work approved when it is finished and where to turn it in, and criteria for grading; and The actual tasks a student is excpected to complete as part of the contract." I really like how this one is broken down for me to really understand how to do it. And since it is step by step it makes it easier to apply it to the students and have them make goals and achieve them. I really liked the part where they set meeting times with the teacher because then it gives one on one instruction and help for the students. It also helps to build a strong relationship of trust and respected for teacher and student as well.

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Teacherheart said...

You were able to explain how these strategies work. I hope you feel like you can use them to differentiate. 4 points