Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chapter 7 Fulfilling The Promise

Chapter Seven
~What is important for learners it not alway easy for the teacher to see. As teachers we need to "accept responsiblity for students about whom they genuinely care." I really like the first sentence a lot because I feel that a lot of time teachers can jump to conclusions and think they know all about this student who is struggling when in reality they don't. It is hard to fully know what is best for your students without really getting to know them and then letting them get to know you(the teacher). I have had teachers before really care to get to know that students and then when i started struggling it just seemed like they didn't care. I remember not like that teacher when I was little and being intimdated by her. Students should feel comfortable around you and if they need help they should NOT have to fear to come and ask. It bothers me when students fear their teachers, it makes me so sad.
~"Students consistantly want teachers who respect them, listen to them, and show empathy tooward them, help them work out their problems, and become human by sharing their own lives and ideas with their students." This goes in with my commment from above in many ways. Each of these steps are great ways to show how to build relationship with your students and have a successful classroom. I feel if you have a happy classroom, you have a successful classroom. Children love to be happy and cared about and what better way to show that then in your classroom.
~ Successful teachers are able to match their instruction with the needs of the students to help them reach their goals. I feel that a lot of teachers still do the "one size fits all" lesson plans and those never work. Every child is different and a lot of times I feel that we as teachers forget that because we are so busy trying to get the cirriculum taught. When you do that you leave so many children confused, stressed, and struggling.
~"Effective teachers accept responsibility for students outcomes." I did not realize this until I came into the Elementary Program and saw that all the teachers were willing to bend over backwards just to help you succeed. I have never felt so good and confident about my learning until this program. There are tons of teachers out there that do not have thi gift of showing their students that they are willing to help and it is discouraging to the students.
~ Okay i love this sentence, " As we show each learner how learning has meaning in his or her life and how that life takes on new meaning as it grows in the power of learning." I just love how this is worded. So many people take learning for granted and don't realize the huge positive impact it has on their lives. I think that it is important to teach children while they are young that learning is such a positive experience to have in your life and to treasure it. Learning is a gift and what a wonderful gift it is.
~"The more willing we are to take the risks, the better the lives of our students are likely to become, and the greater the fulfillment we are likely to feel at the end of the day." This chapter has a lot of good quote/phrases in it. I like this one a lot because who out there is scared of taking risks? A lot of people are! We as humans like to stay in out comfort zone and therefore fear risk taking. But it is those who risk a little that gain so many blessings in the outcome. As teachers we need to be willing to take these risks to help each of our students succeed in the classroom and in life.
~ I hope that I can remember all these wonderful thing I have learned because they are the best advice that you can give to have success. and I don't ever want to forget that.

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Teacherheart said...

I'm glad you were moved and inspired by this chapter. I always am... every time I read it. (That's the only way to remember what it says... re-read it every now and then). 4 points